Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Photo Dump

I have a ton of pictures I've been meaning to post, so here's a gallery of recent FO's and such:

My Olympic medal - I'm so proud! It also has a permanent place on the sidebar, which has been updated with my FO's and UFO's.

Dad's Christmas Birthday Socks (Jan 31). The first one used more than half the yarn so I cut off the ribbing of the first sock and used it for the ribbing on both socks. I think they turned out wonderfully. I gave them to Mom to take home with her after she came out for wedding dress shopping weekend (Feb 20).

Oopsie, a dropped stitch halfway down the back of my Olympic sweater. I laddered it up as much as I could and then used some extra yarn to weave nearby, scoop up that stray stitch, and then weave in the other side. You can't tell at all. Good thing this is grabby wool and that stitch didn't go anywhere!

My poor button. Hollis was trying to help me out because my sweater wouldn't dry. She took it home to her drying rack in her dryer, and it still wasn't drying, so she put it in the dryer on fluff, and all the rhinestones fell out. :( She had no way of knowing, so of course I'm not upset. Her daughter Jordana searched the dryer for the rhinestones, and found all but one of them. They are actually faceted glass stones rather than the glue-back rhinestones you find at Michael's, so I'd like to find a jewelry supply store that carries them. Maybe a colored rhinestone for the center, so it looks intentional? I still wear the sweater with the button like this...

Experimentation with the timer feature on my new camera, and me in my Olympic sweater. I really love it - it's warm and comfy at the office, the sleeves are slightly too long which is MUCH better than slightly too short, and I made it in 16 days (actually 13, not counting drying after blocking)!

This is the sweater getting me drunk. Waaaaay too much tequila at that party, ugh...

My baby sweater and hat in NoNoKitty's Fairy Godmother colorway, from Lu's pattern. This yarn definitely wanted to be a baby sweater! I started the sweater and thought, no way, it's too cute to give away, I want some socks out of it. So I ripped out and started socks. But it hated being socks. So I went ahead and made the baby hat and sweater, and the yarn is so happy now. I made double-crochet chains instead of miles of i-cord, and the buttons are little pink and purple butterflies Mom found at Stitches. They will go to my cousin Ryan and his wife Vicki for their little girl, who is expected to arrive in April.

And finally, Elspeth's call to WIP it out on Friday and blog all of our UFOs. Wait, I'm confused. Is it a WIP day, or is it a public display of UFO's? I better go read her blog entry again.... Oh I get it now. I'm thinking KIP, or knit in public, which I got mixed up with WIPs or works-in-progress, which is the same as UFOs, or unfinished objects. (this is for my sister who thinks I speak some variant of Klingon when I write about knitting).

I'll try to take some pics on Thursday and post on Friday, or take pics Friday after work and blog Friday night or over the weekend.


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