Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm beginning to see the appeal

Quickie post on my wedding knitting progress:

2 bridesmaid Mariposa wraps (out of 4)
Time to knit: approximately 3 weeks per wrap

1 sleeve of my I Do shrug (still need to complete sleeve back and another sleeve)
Time to knit - I have no idea, I've had to start and stop so many times and rip back a good part of the back. I think I'm finally on track again.

Crochet flower girl shawl (Chanson Crochet from Interweave Crochet/Wrap Style), chain 70 st to start rather than 85
Time to crochet - 3 days

Yes, 3 days!! Crochet is starting to grow on me. The left side is more curled up than the right, I wonder if I missed some decreases or something. I'll take it to Hollis and see if she can "read" my crochet. Considering this is my 2nd crochet project ever and this is my first:

I'm pretty thrilled. It's got a really cute flower motif in the lower, more open part of the wrap:

2 more Mariposas and 2/3 of my I Do in 3 months... I need to channel Dorie from Finding Nemo. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I wanna post a picture

Mariposa #1 done! (yes I'm still having the errors... this is a test)

Am I the only one having Blogger problems?

Either Blogger has been acting up or I'm an idiot (or both...)

Last Thursday I was at Boba Knit early and was using their wireless internet on my work laptop to post an update, and I kept randomly getting a "cannot connect" error and it was defaulting to my dialup connection. It drove me nuts and I ended up just saving my post rather than posting it because I kept losing connection to Blogger.

Almost a week later, I have a few spare moments so I decide it's time to finally post that update. I'm plugged into the LAN. I KNOW my connection works well! So why am I still getting this error below the text window:

Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail. Test connection now.
I seem to get this error when trying to upload pictures. Isn't that the point of a knitblog? GRRRRRRR
Anybody else having this issue, or is it really just me?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a quickie...

... since I'm supposed to be working...

Here's my progress on I Do. It's all poofy right now but it should block out nicely. It's on my desk at work, which is a lovely bluegreen seaglass type glass. It's probably part of my inspiration for my wedding colors. You can't really see the color changes but it's making subtle changes from green to blue.

And a new Easter tradition? I love this! Easter Turducken

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wedding knitting

I'm crazy, I know, but I'm planning to knit for all my bridesmaids, plus myself. When I started I had 5 months and 5 projects. I'm now about 40% done on 2 different projects, so I'm on pace if I can JUST KEEP KNITTING. :)

I Do is coming along nicely. I'm done with one sleeve and am starting the back on the first side. This project is made in 2 pieces and is grafted together in the back. This is my public knitting. so if you see me knitting around town, this is most likely what I'm working on.

The first Mariposa shawl is also knitting right up. The lace pattern is much easier than it looks (I think I just get freaked out by lace charts) and since it's worked from the bottom up, each section is smaller than the last. I'm on the 3rd out of 4 repeats, and then need to pick up stitches on the edges for the ties. I'm using Tess sock yarn in the same colorway as the I Do (light blue fades to light green), and am about to start my second skein. I think I'm going to have PLENTY of sock yarn for 4 shawls. I should also do something for my flower girl - maybe one of the Tie One On's from Knitty? I need a nice wrap pattern for an 8 year old that I can do in leftover sock yarn. I prefer one with a rounded back rather than a pointy back.

If I get behind I have had several offers of help, which are much appreciated!

Speaking of public knitting, I've been trying to get to Full Thread Ahead on the occasional Monday night, but haven't made it on a regular basis. This week's knitting was canceled as Hollis' father-in-law passed away over the weekend. :( I don't know if anyone still goes to the Prolific Oven on Tuesdays, it kind of died after Shannon moved. Miss you! I've started to go to Boba Knit on Thursdays in Mountain View - new crowd and familiar faces all together, but it's awfully dark in the store. Hopefully with the end of the rain the lighting will be better.

In other knitting news (I sound like Rhonda Bell of Knitting News Cast in my head), I have been downloading podcast after podcast, and have quite a library of knitting related 'casts on my MP3 player and waiting on my laptop. I don't have any actual music on my MP3 player, just podcasts of various types (knitting, wedding, tech, news, and workouts). I'm really enjoying listening to them. I'll work on listing them on my sidebar - which is really out of date. Downloading them is really easy - I use a free software called Juice (formerly iPodder) - it works like Bloglines for podcasts. It tracks the RSS feeds and automatically downloads any new podcasts. My MP3 player looks like a drive on my laptop, so I can drag files across to easily download them. I wish there was an auto-download function, but this way I can pick and choose which podcasts have priority.

I spent Easter Sunday with my future sister-in-law and her family, and took some pictures of my nephews in the Brother Rugby sweaters I was making last year. They're still HUGE on the boys, so they should last a good long time. At one point Aidan, the little one, put his arm thru the neckhole and was wearing it like a toga. So cute!

I'll be working the FTA booth at the Knit and Crochet Guild show in Oakland on Saturday with Hollis and Lu, and will be at Vickie Howell's book signing at FTA tomorrow night. JUST KEEP KNITTING!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I am a total geek

i am a total geek
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