Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm beginning to see the appeal

Quickie post on my wedding knitting progress:

2 bridesmaid Mariposa wraps (out of 4)
Time to knit: approximately 3 weeks per wrap

1 sleeve of my I Do shrug (still need to complete sleeve back and another sleeve)
Time to knit - I have no idea, I've had to start and stop so many times and rip back a good part of the back. I think I'm finally on track again.

Crochet flower girl shawl (Chanson Crochet from Interweave Crochet/Wrap Style), chain 70 st to start rather than 85
Time to crochet - 3 days

Yes, 3 days!! Crochet is starting to grow on me. The left side is more curled up than the right, I wonder if I missed some decreases or something. I'll take it to Hollis and see if she can "read" my crochet. Considering this is my 2nd crochet project ever and this is my first:

I'm pretty thrilled. It's got a really cute flower motif in the lower, more open part of the wrap:

2 more Mariposas and 2/3 of my I Do in 3 months... I need to channel Dorie from Finding Nemo. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting...