Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lots of goodies in the mail

I was visiting Viv in Phoenix - Spring Training Baby!! - thru Monday and came into work on Tuesday morning to find 2 boxes on my desk.

The enormous one was my "bottle" from Gail Gregor for the Whenever bottle swap. In it I found:

1 skein of lightweight STR in Lapis - I could only find this in medium weight at Stitches so I'm thrilled to have it!
1 skein of KnitPicks Shimmer in Maple Leaf, a lovely orangey-browney-yellowey color
A green chibi with 2 tapestry needles
2 sets of beaded stitch markers
notecards of a woman with a hat and needles and yarn
a bottle of blueberry honey - sounds yummy, from SD where she lives
flip-flop post-it notes
a loofa scrub soap
a flower bobby pin (these last 3 were from her trip to Hawaii)
chocolate! a box of chocolate truffles, 3 huge valentine trufflesCANDLES!(oops, can't eat those! LOL), and a bar of dark chocolate
and the cutest bear - "Mrs. Knitter" bear with her bag of knitting

The second box was from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - the first shipment of the Socks that Rock club!

It includes one skein of lightweight STR (can't remember the colorway name, but it's teals and browns), the binder with a pattern inside, a mini-skein of "emergency" yarn, and the button and bumper sticker.

I also got my Denise order - a new set of #8 tips (I lost one at the hotel about a month ago), 2 new cables, and another attacher-thingy and button stoppers. I need to go out of town more often if this is what I find when I come back!

More on Spring Training when I get caught up at work...


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