Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vegas Baby, Yeah!

Sorry, no pics today. We're off to Vegas for TK's birthday and our friends' 1st wedding anniversary. Yes, It's 3:15 am and we're leaving the house at 7:30 am. Not getting much sleep tonight...

Clearwater Rapids is done and blocked with enough left for a fish for HoJo's swatch stash. Just have a few ends to tuck in and she's good to go. I did wear her out to Peninsula Knitters tonight and she got rave reviews. I should have some pics shortly, been too busy packing to deal with the camera.

Interview today was rockin'! It was only 1/2 hour because someone booked him on a conference call, so it was all straight to the point. Everything he asked me about my past experience seemed to be exactly what he'd hoped I'd say, without my trying. I also really liked the vibe I was getting from him as a potential boss, and from the company and surroundings. He's only been there a month (this is a new division in an established company, so it's got a startup feel with the knowledge and experience to back it up) and seems like he's really enjoying his job. It also sounded like they had only selected about 4 people to be interviewed. Yay for me! Next rounds are next week and I'm feeling quite confident I'll be called back, but am trying to not get my hopes up. Commute from Sunnyvale would be easy via CalTrain (or CalTrain connect to Bart at SFO), and once we move to Fremont it's easy via Bart. AND there's a 24hr Fitness a block away so maybe I'd actually use my gym membership...

Photos and updates once we get back from Vegas. We get in at 1:30 am Monday morning and TK doesn't have to go back to work until Tuesday night so we'll have some decompression time.

Big Money, Big Money, NO WHAMMIES!


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