Saturday, May 28, 2005

For my Whenever Bottle Swap

These goodies are going out to Kay in New Mexico on Monday:

Namely, a bath pillow, knitting greeting cards, Mary Engelbright magnetic notepad, Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, the bottle, Daisy Duck Pez, chocolates, 3 herb pots (chives, parsley, and basil if I remember correctly), a tealight holder, a K post-it pad, magic towel washcloth, a doggy rubber stamp, a jewelry bead kit, and homemade stitch markers.

Everything barely fits in the bottle.

I'll send her a note telling her how much fun it was to shop for her (she's a fellow Scorpio who loves jewel tones and has a pooch and a toddler daughter) and that next year my last name will be Kay! We're both first-time bottle swappers.


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