Friday, May 27, 2005

Dude, You're Getting a DELL

Got an offer the other day in the mail from Dell - Desktop from $449 or Notebook from $549. My laptop's been on the fritz for the last several months (A drive sounds like Chewbacca on a bad day and is not recognized by the system) and can only be upgraded to a max of 128MB RAM. This computer has been a lemon from the start - I got it to finish my MBA and has been down more than it's been up since I bought it in early 2001.

Dell thinks I'm a small business because they bought my name from a mailing list - I'd signed up for a Marketing Trade Mag under the name of McMullen Consulting, so I must be a legit business, right?

It's funny, on the Dell website the same computer can go for multiple prices depending on where you shop. If you check the Home Office site, the Inspiron 2200 starts at $599. On the Small Business site, it starts at $549. Then, depending on whether you have the "e-value code" or not you get different configurations. By not using the code I spent an extra $25 (actually, $29 but you pay $5 less in tax - yes, I figured this out. How anal am I?) on upgrading the CD/DVD drive, but then I don't have to deal with the $100 mail-in rebate. I got the system I've been looking for (512MB memory, 30GB hard drive, 14.1" screen, CD Burner/DVD drive - I have an external DVD burner if needed - and wireless 802.11a/b/g card), plus free ink-jet printer and free 3-5 day shipping, for the LOW LOW price of $749. I'm really excited. Only weird thing is that it has no parallel/serial ports, only USB. But I have a USB hub with the parallel/serial ports, so it's no big deal when it's docked at home, and how often will I need those ports when I'm mobile?

My current laptop will visit Fry's or Best Buy to get the A drive fixed, and will be handed down to TK. His laptop (The Brick) will go to charity or someone in worse need than us. Ship Date is 6/8 so I'll have it when I get back from the Wine Country with my sis. Yay!

Interested in getting one yourself? Just go to and click on Small business, then notebooks, then the ad for the Inspiron 2200. Only lasts until June 1, so act now! (I only wish I was paid for this blatant ad on my blog...)


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Shannon said... computers. My laptop was making bad noises the other day and Ben looked at me and said "Wow, you should have used your bonus on a new laptop, not knitting stuff!". Blasphemy! I have a Compusa Visa, I can get a new computer if/when I want/need to! Pfft!


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