Monday, May 16, 2005

A hoarse is a hoarse of course of course...

Yes, I'm a little hoarse today hee hee!

Over the last few days I've been all congested, coughing up all kinds of icky goop and somewhat lost my voice in the process, so I have to keep my trap shut - a challenge!

Saturday was Lisa's (aka SIL-IL-to-be) Bridal Shower at Liz's (aka SIL-to-be) house in SF. I remembered later I wanted to knit pillowcase edgings from my new book as her shower gift, but I ended up getting her the spoon rest she registered for ($30 for a spoon rest, which I JUST discovered is 1/2 price at! Can I get a price adjustment??) In attendance were mostly little old ladies in the extended family, but it was nice to meet everyone again and get a better idea who the older generations in this family is. I'm starting to feel more and more like a Kay, thanks to Liz. I wish we were going to Lisa and Rob's wedding, but it's in Key West on a Friday night and it would end up costing us over $1K to make it there. We'll definitely be going to their reception out here, though.

Then I drove from the Sunset in SF to Dublin (!!) to meet some friends for dinner and a movie. Crash was pretty intense and thought-provoking, about the current state of race relations through a montage of inter-connected short stories. It made me think about my own subconscious prejudices.

Yesterday was a lazy day at home getting better. Pretty Comfy decided it really didn't want to be a sock after all, so I frogged it again after getting to the heel turn. I think it wants to be Zaftig! instead. I then cast on for Diagonal Fixation Sock #1, thanks to HoJo's recommendation, and am already almost to the heel turn! This is the KAL with Mom so I hope she finds it as easy as I do. I added one repeat for my wider feet (pattern says I should still have enough yarn) and all seems to be fine.

Today's been busy, with laundry and updating my blog (check out the Relay for Life info on the right) with some new info and buttons. I've requested to join the Shapely Tank KAL and have the pattern printed out and ready to go, and I'm going to swatch with the leftover cotton from Yasmin's sundress.

I've now got to figure out this Hello! thing for pictures....


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