Tuesday, May 03, 2005

One step forward, three steps back...

First of all, I have to figure out how NOT to lose my post in the middle of composing it. I accidentally go to another site... or I click the back button... but I end up writing this thing three times before it goes to the web. sigh... baby steps....

Secondly, I need to update my WIP-meter for my Pretty Comfy Sock #1. I was past the heel turn but frogged it all the way back to a friendly ball of yarn, and now it's about 20% finished. I tried it on last night and decided I needed more room around the leg. So now I have 2 more pattern repeats around the leg, and will only repeat the pattern 3 times instead of 4 so I don't run out of yarn.

oooh, gotta remember to Ctrl-D often to save as draft. Nifty trick.

I've been cranky all day. I think I worked too hard on the house yesterday and just wanted to veg out today. I managed to get through 3 rows of MIL's shawl before I got itchy (turns out, I am itchy - got a bug bite while pulling weeds yesterday). I finally dragged myself to Peninsula Knitters tonight and am glad I did - being social and knitting always cheers me up. I got lots of kudos on Little Brother Rugby Sweater and cast on for Big Brother. Hooray!

Successfully made a Rachael Ray recipe tonight, although it took longer than 30 min because I'm such a spaz in the kitchen.

TK brought home a JOB LEAD from one of his co-workers, so I'll be following up on that tomorrow, plus tackling the evil evil evil desk of papers. If I write it here, it has a better chance of happening. So come back and check on my progress!


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Lu said...

Good luck on the job lead - maybe you'll have good news next Tuesday!


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