Thursday, May 19, 2005

Does anybody really know what time it is?

My watch battery died sometime last week and I have been without ever since. I'm used to having a watch and have been fairly compulsive about checking the time, esp. if I think I'm going to be late. I'm starting to enjoy not having a watch, however. Most places I go have a clock somewhere, and those that don't are lovely places where I sit and knit with my friends and don't notice the time flying by.

The last couple days, in particular, have flown by. I've been quite productive at home of late, applying for jobs and getting stuff done around the house. Why, why, does laundry take so darned long? Last night was Peninsula Knitters, and then there was today. God, I'm exhausted. I feel like I've worked a full day - and it was all fun stuff! I forgot what this feels like.

Firstly, I went to HoJo's to help with the yarn labeling. This was my project for the afternoon, and what fun it was!

I'm looking forward to Saturday and getting some shopping done! I want to find something in fingering/DK weight in a pink/blue/purple colorway for a shawl, I'm assuming around 600 yards (that's how much a clapotis needs and that's pretty substantial), some wool in black and varigated bright colors for SIL's birthday Sophie (forgot about that 'til now!) and some other random buying. I try to be good and buy for projects, otherwise I could go crazy.. and I'm paranoid I won't have enought of what I bought for what I want to make. While I was at HoJo's, I got a call back on a job I'd applied for on Monday, and hopefully I'll have a call to schedule an interview by Friday! Fingers crossed!

Then it was off to a networking event. I didn't want to go at first, I hate walking up to someone to say, "hi what's your name, what do you do" but that's what this event was for, so I sucked it up and went, and made some GREAT contacts. Again crossing my fingers that things are on the move for me. And for $15, I also got some deep-dish and a glass of wine. Not bad!

My last stop of the night was at the SC Co. Knitting Meetup. Good size group, had a good time. I'm 2 bind-off rows from being done with the back of Big Brother Rugby Sweater, and then I can start the front. Next Meetup we're going to talk about charity knitting, and I'll bring info about the Relay for the Cure in case anyone wants to sponsor me. (you do. you know you do. click the button and sponsor me!)

Tomorrow is Star Wars with JayCat. Woo hoo!


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Christina said...

ooohh...look at all of that gorgeous yarn! It was great to see you at the Meetup.

~ Christina


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