Saturday, June 25, 2005

Project Update

I finished the back of the Big Brother Rugby quite awhile ago but didn't have the camera going, so here ya go:

Interesting pooling of colors, don'tcha think? I just finished the front last night:

with similar, yet different pooling. I'm now on the sleeves, done at the same time so I won't suffer from second-sleeve syndrome, and they will match (dimensions, probably not pooling patterns):

When I'm done it will look like the Little Brother Rugby Sweater, finished months ago:

They will go to R (almost 3) and A (almost 1), SIL's little boys, for their birthdays. I bet R can fit in the little one! Oh well, plenty of room to grow, and Debbie Bliss' kids patterns are HUGE!

By the way, the pattern for this and Y's sundress are from this book. That's the Rugby on the left, and the sundress on the top right.

I have a picture of Y in her sundress, but I need to get it scanned so I can post it.

I also have a little progress on the afghan. It's 24 squares, not 20. Sigh. But TK offered to learn to knit so he can help me !?!?!? I might ask him to join me at Saturday's Relay for Life (see sidebar) and teach him to knit chemo caps. Or maybe he's just joking.


At 8:47 AM, Blogger jeannie said...

I have to say I used some ombred blue & white Peaches and Cream"dishcloth" cotton for the Haiku baby sweater from Knitty and it pooled so nicely too. (I have pics in my June archives at Your Rugby sweaters are just really nice. I love the pooling on he back but the front turned out to be "art". It's so fun when you knit and "magic" happens with the yarn.
I gained a new respect for Peaches & Cream yarn - Not just for dishcloths anymore! In fact I'm making the Sonnet sweater from Knitty for myself out of the Peppercorn Ombred P&C cotton. No pics yet and it's different from the Haiku pooling but still really nice. I'll post pics on my blog when I get farther along. I'll add your blog to my reading list. I don't seem to be able to put blogs I read in my sidebar yet. It's embarrassing but I'm inept at this stuff still. :) Jeannie


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