Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kay got her bottle!

I got the sweetest email today - I'm sure Kay won't mind if I share parts of it on my blog:

My bottle came in the mail today, and I can't tell you
how much I LOVE it. You did an amazing job.

The first thing I pulled out was the pez dispenser.
My daughter Melina grabbed it right away (she was so
excited about "Mommy's surprise in the mail"), and I
let her have it so she wouldn't commandeer anything
else. Then my mom grabbed the chocolate, but we have
worked out a joint custody agreement. We all adored
the note cards, post-it notes, and notepad, and we are
all going to blow up the towel tomorrow. Also, I have
just started thinking about designing stationary, so
the stamp will see a lot of use in the very near
future! It is very cute!

Melina was very interested in the beads, so I told her
that we would make her a necklace together. The kit
is very neat. I read on the whenever database that
you like to bead. I haven't tried before, but I am
really getting interested now. Like I need another
expensive hobby! :) Speaking of your beading skills-
I am blown away by the stitch markers. They are
BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to put them into a knitting
project. I am making the "Sleeves in Your Pi" shawl
right now, and I think I will yank out my yarn circle
stitch markers and put in the ones you sent me. I
think they are wonderful.

I have a garden with sage, rosemary, and mint. Now I
think my herb garden will be complete, once the
parsley, basil, and chives get going. I may grow them
exclusively indoors if that is the only way to keep
them year round. The beaded candle holder is lovely,
too. I'm not sure what I will put in it yet.

I have been planning for a LONG time to buy myself a
bath pillow, and I have never managed to find one. My
tub is hard on the neck, so this pillow is going to
see a lot of use. And, as I said in my email to the
list, I was planning to buy Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn
the next time there was a reason to spoil myself. I
was so thrilled to see the beautiful yarn (in the
perfect colors), and I can't wait to see what I think
of it. I am sure it will become socks....

I better sign off and see what my husband is doing. I
really LOVED my bottle. I put everything back inside
or beside the bottle so I can open it all again
tomorrow. Thank you, Amy!!!!

I was nervous because she sent out such a great bottle to her partner, who described all the goodies on the mailing list. I'm so thrilled - her plans for the bottle contents were exactly what I was hoping for - fun things for her daughter and herself. She's a gardener so I hoped she'd like the herb pots, and I knew she'd love the sock yarn since it's the jewel colors she said she loved. And I'm so excited she liked the stitch markers - they're the first set I've ever made and now I can't wait to make more - for myself and for others!

Reference: For my Whenever Bottle Swap


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